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Our Mission, Vision and Values

The Board of Directors recently approved an updated mission statement and vision statement that better reflects our organization, our work, and how we serve the community. We also reconfirmed the values that guide our work.

Our Mission

The D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center empowers and strengthens our community by advancing access to justice through pro bono services, legal education, and holistic advocacy.

Our Vision

The Pro Bono Center envisions a District of Columbia where equity and access to justice are not aspirations, but a reality, and the legal profession rises to meet the needs in our community.

Our Values

Diversity, Inclusion, and Racial Justice

We recognize and combat structural inequalities that marginalize members of our community. We strive to disrupt systems of power that create equity barriers both outside and within our organization. We uphold the rights, dignity, and individuality of all members of our community. We value the diverse voices and perspectives of those directly impacted by injustice. In doing so, we honor and acknowledge the identities, lived experiences, and goals of our clients.


Our passion for service drives our work. By offering ongoing training and mentorship, we serve as a resource not only to our clients, but to our volunteers and the D.C. legal community. We inspire a culture of service by facilitating meaningful pro bono experiences.


Advancing access to justice is an evolving process that requires creative solutions. We see challenges as opportunities to learn, grow, and develop innovative service models to better meet the needs of our clients within a changing legal system. We are leaders in law and technology who share new knowledge with our partners through teaching and mentorship.


Our work is powered by collective action. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences foster thoughtful and inclusive collaboration. We create coalitions, convene stakeholders, and share resources amongst our networks to deliver impactful legal services.


We hold ourselves and our colleagues accountable to our clients, community, volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders. As champions of pro bono services in the legal profession, we ensure our clients receive high-quality legal services. We build trust through transparency, honesty, and the effective stewardship of our resources. We make decisions based on what is right and just, even when faced with difficult choices or conflicting interests.


We are committed to building a community where unobstructed access to justice is available to all. We stand with our neighbors and foster relationships founded on trust, compassion, empathy, and mutual respect. We value the voices and experiences of all and honor the perspectives of our clients to create a more just and equitable world.

Our generous volunteers and dedicated donors make it possible for the Pro Bono Center to serve thousands of low-income residents each year. If you are not already involved, please join us today.